Schooling the Rollback in Your Business

I have listened to hours worth, maybe days worth of podcasts that discuss how to make a pivot in your life. I have read articles and scoured websites for a checklist, a cheat sheet, hell even just a little how-to guide that would make this process seem less daunting. It wasn’t until I was completely fed up with my situation that I realized something sinister… there is no blueprint.


I’m so used to having a plan! I’m so used to laying everything out on the table and placing them in their nice little categories and making everything fit, but no. There is no blueprint as an entrepreneur. *insert anxiety of the uncertain*


Doubt increased, self-esteem decreased, anxiety surfaced. What would I do without a plan? I wasn’t sure so I practiced… “Hi, my name is Abriana and I’m the owner of Black Unicorn Creative, LLC., a creative design hub that helps horse businesses establish their digital footprint.” I came up with the pitch. I repeated the pitch. I made sure people knew exactly who I served.

Photo of Abriana Johnson, horse business coach

The more I repeated this to myself, the more I came to the realization that the feelings of anxiety and uneasiness were because of my newfound freedom. I could LITERALLY do whatever I pleased. That blew my mind for real. I began to revel in this out-of-the-box mentality. I was able and capable of doing everything I put my mind to. I was able to choose what to prioritize and when. I was able to pivot and pivot again. 


In the reining horse discipline, there is a thing called a “rollback”. A rollback is when a horse comes to a stop on a fence and changes directions by collecting themselves, pivoting on their haunches, and turning 180 degrees in the opposite direction. This schooling exercise teaches lightness in the front end, encourages strength in the hind end, and can be a great way to improve steering. 


THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED, and wanted! A life, business, and mindset rollback. I want to have impeccable steering to navigate my life and entrepreneurship with ease. I want to be able to depend on my base, my solid foundation, and use that to launch myself in directions of passion and purpose. 


I asked myself questions like:

What do I dislike about the direction I’m going?

What could improve in my current direction?

What does my goal direction look like?

What speed am I looking to achieve? 


… and many more. This exercise helped clean the lens I looked at my life and my business through. I figured I would create a quick worksheet to help you get your ideas down on paper (because you MUST write things, you cannot keep them in your head and expect them to come to past). 

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