Quitting A Job I Liked To Create A Life I Love – Part 3: The Landing

One of my good friends, and an amazing horse trainer, Nahshon Cook, said “Do we have the courage to envision something for ourselves without other’s permission?”

Do we? Do I? 

Do I trust myself to have my own back after having everyone else’s for so long?

Do I have the resources to create the life I want to live? What even is the life I want to live?

Do I have the versatility to be vulnerable and open to change? Do I have the humility to learn and be taught?

Do I have the courage to forge a path I had not seen before, but was seen in me (from my friend’s letter in my previous post)?

Do I?

After deciding on this life shift, it took everything in me to commit to it. I committed to this change in EVERY aspect of my life. 

I needed new work shoes for the pet resort because I had worn the tread off mine and would slip on the wet floor. I refused to purchase any because I was not going to be there much longer. Every time I slipped on the floor, it was a reminder the next chapter was near. 

I told everyone outside of work my plan. This fostered a sense of accountability. Once I set a day, my friends would asked me “have you put in your notice yet?” The day I put my notice in, my friends (shout out to BOBF) asked me that every hour on the hour until it was done. 

The accountability factor was everything. My momma ‘didn’t raise no quitter’, but she ALWAYS told me to pursue my passion and that is what I am positioning myself to do. 

A complete overhaul, revamp, rebuild, and redesign of my mindset, life goals, and intentions. I understood this would not happen overnight. I also understood (and this is a big one because I HATE never-ending activities like dishes and laundry) this journey is not going to have an end!

I took a look back at all of the projects I have spearheaded, all of the activities I excelled in, everything that truly gets me excited, anything that I will argue someone down on to prove my point. Those things are what I used to develop my why.

Why am I here?

Why am I passionate about this?

Why is this relevant?

My goals did not need to be “figure out what I want to be when I grow up”. They needed to be “Allow myself to remain open-minded to different ways to achieve and execute my WHY”. 

Work along with me to keep an open mind to change, setbacks, setups, triumphs, failures, pivots, foundations, growth and everything in between.

See you next week.

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