Quitting A Job I Liked To Create A Life I Love – Part 2: The Takeoff

What is something of value that you can spend and pass, but never get back?


As a 27 year old professional, time has become more of a focus for me. I started to observe people around me and think, “what about their lives do I want for myself in the future?”.

For my parents, it’s their commitment to each other and to me and my siblings.  For my friends, it’s the sheer connection we have. We encourage, inspire, and push each other to reach for stars we couldn’t even see. 

At my job in the animal hospital, I asked the same question. “What about their lives do I want for myself in the future?” I couldn’t come up with a good answer. The doctors did not seem particularly happy, my manager often dealt with the politics of corporate America and after leading a 6+% revenue growth in the pet resort there was no continued source of inspiration for me (6% of a multi-million dollar hospital, FYI). My team in the pet resort was great and I trusted them completely. So what was keeping me?

What was going to be the final straw? What was it going to take for me to take that leap and bet on myself over anyone else?

A complete mindset shift. 

I studied. I read. I listened. I looked up podcasts, Youtube videos, and articles on taking the leap. Some of my favorite podcasts are Side Hustle Pro and Living Over Existing. Alisha of the LOE Collective mentions “living life with intention” and I questioned myself every day.

What are my intentions? What is it going to take?

I’ll have you know, it took a complete and utter mindset shift. Complete deconstruction and reconstruction of ideals, priorities and goals. It took me allowing myself the mental room or capacity to change the trajectory of my life. 

Sidebar, but related, I promise: One of my closest friends is a fan of snail mail. She sends cards in the mail for Valentines day, St. Patty’s day and Christmas. I got a letter in the mail from her ‘just because’. I read her note and cried like a baby. 

At one point she said, 

“You always find a powerful way to bring issues to the forefront, draw attention to the causes that matter and think of ways to fill the gaps you see in the communities you belong to.”

That was it. In a time I was feeling the most lost and confused, her words reminded me, validated me, and explained to me the energy and force I exuded when I act out of passion. Her words came from what she observed when I focused on my “hobbies”, or my side hustles. They had nothing to do with my job. 

I am a creative so I told myself, “Imagine what crevices your light could reach if you focused your energy into the issues, causes and communities your are most passionate about.”

It is time.


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