You have a bit of a head bob.

You completed this quiz so you are headed in the right direction! You just have a little bit of a head bob.

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed when it comes to showing up in our business and online? Are you having trouble making time to get everything done?

You know that it’s important but you just haven’t found your groove. That’s okay. Online overwhelm is as common as an abscess and usually just as easy to fix. People still invest in horses with slight lameness because they see their potential and trust in the process.

Now it’s up to you to develop the process that will benefit you the most.


Let me let you in on 3 things you can do TODAY to help you grow your online presence…


1. Who are you even talking to?


Knowing who your audience is and where they show up is KEY to making the most out of your online content. The platforms you use have particular demographics and you have the ability to see them in your insights. It would be worth it to figure out where your target audience shows up the most and focus your energy there.

For example, if you are an equine photographer, you will likely find your peeps on Instagram vs LinkedIn. If you are an equine lawyer or tax professional, LinkedIn may be the place for you to flex your muscle. (Unless you can make cool reels about taxes 😂)

Once you figure out WHERE they live, ask them what they need help with? The easiest way to figure out what content your audience wants to hear is to simply ask them. You can go as far as sending out a survey or you can utilize stories and polls to ask them specific questions. What you have to offer solves your audience’s problems. Speak to those problems and adjust based on the feedback.


2. Who doesn’t love a little chrome?


Many equine entrepreneurs feel like they are overlooked in a supersaturated market. They struggle with how to show up in a unique way and get in front of the clients that need their offer the most. If this is you, have you put any effort into the overall aesthetic of your brand? Are you instantly recognizable or do you blend in with the crowd? Do you post visually captivating content or are your pictures blurry, cluttered, and confusing?

One thing I learned from cheerleading was to “Show up and show out”. Having a purposeful and unique aesthetic is what will keep all eyes on you. Take time to develop a brand for your business. From the color palette to the tone to the logo, all pieces are important and necessary if you want to be the unicorn in a field of greys.


3. Plan ahead and commit


You know where your herd is hanging out and you know what attracts their attention, so what next? Why is this still so hard? Have you ever heard this quote?

“Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance”

It’s annoyingly true. Planning ahead will take the stress out of the online marketing game. When you plan ahead you can look at the results of your hard work and adjust based on your audience’s needs. When you do not plan, you spend all day posting and won’t recognize when you need to adjust your content or approach.

Oh! I almost forgot. Social impact is a long game. Lose the expectation of overnight success! If you can commit to 30 days of consistency, you just might be able to crack the code you’ve been looking for.


Who is this chick telling me to establish my digital hoofprint and what does she know?



Hey there! I’m Abriana Johnson ðŸ‘‹ðŸ¾ Let me tell you a little bit about me. This year, I quit my corporate animal hospital job to pursue what and WHO I am passionate about. Horse people and horse businesses. When I’m not running Black Unicorn Creative, I’m dressing up in matching Chucks with my therapy mini, Encore, or cooking the latest meal on Yummly.

I recognized a need for equine entrepreneurs like yourself to utilize their online platforms to grow their business. And believe me, it’s no easy feat! Creating an impact or building a community online takes practice, time, attention, and revision. What you can spend months learning from online freebies and YouTube videos, I teach my clients in weeks.

Hiring a trainer or coach isn’t about working harder, it’s about working smarter. I’m here to help those that need a bit of a leg up in this online marketing game. 🤠

Looking for some additional resources to help you put your hoofprint on this digital world… check it out 👇🏾

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2. Download 33 Ways to Establish Your Digital Hoofprint. This guide is perfect for those who are looking for additional ways to get their business out there and make a difference in their industry.

3. Keep your ears peeled. To be honest, I haven’t even told anyone about this yet, but I’ve got a new podcast coming out in 2021. I’m bringing the digital hoofprint tips right to your ears. More on that later…

P.S. If you need help with all of this and want to chat about it, schedule a call with me and we can get into it 🙌🏾